Dear Dennis Group colleagues-

I am pleased to announce that Dennis Group has created a footprint in Europe and beyond by closing today a majority acquisition of Tech4Food, a Portugal-based food processing design firm. Strategic international growth of Dennis Group was one of the early goals defined during the merger with AG, and this is our first addition designed to help us better meet the growing global needs of our clients. 

Please learn more about Tech4Food and their capabilities below.

I thank you as always for your commitment to building a solid foundation and positioning Dennis Group as the world’s premier food and beverage design-build firm.



Dennis Group & Tech4Food Celebrate


Tech4Food is a privately held company specializing in designing, fabricating and installing process production skids for the food & beverage industry, with a focus in dairy, beverage and liquid processes. The firm was founded in 2010 and since then has developed an export-driven business model with clients in Central and South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

Key Tech4Food clients include Nestlé, National Food Industries Company, CHR Hansen and Heinz. Below you will find samples of some recent projects.


The process of selecting Tech4Food as a partner weighed not just the compatibility of our service offerings, but also the compatibility of our core values. Tech4Food shares our mutual goals; to deliver the highest level of quality and service to clients; to attract and retain top talent; and to continuously improve both as individuals and on a company-wide operational level.


We believe that the addition of Tech4Food will complement and enhance our current service offerings. Their work with modular skidded process systems is unique, and their broad geographic reach affords us exciting new opportunities to introduce Dennis Group to new clients and further develop relationships with existing international clients.

For employees who desire international experience, we anticipate that there will be more opportunities in the future as a result of this acquisition.


If you want to include Tech4Food on a bid list for skidded systems, please contact Dan McCreary or Karl Landgraf.


Ongoing communication and information will be released as we explore how best to utilize and integrate Tech4Food’s resources, location and expertise with our own. For the foreseeable future, Tech4Food will continue to operate under their own name and brand.

While the acquisition just closed this week, a public announcement is forthcoming and our sales materials will be updated to reflect both our new presence in Europe and our enhanced capabilities. Please use your discretion when sharing this news with clients, and take the opportunity to emphasize our increased ability to operate in foreign markets. Should you have any questions, please direct them to Dan McCreary or António Pote.



CHR Hansen partnered with Tech4Food to design a pilot plant for a semi-hard cheese line designed  to process 16 24 different types of cheeses per day.



Nestlé Waters required renovations for their flavored water line which processed 18 cubic meters per hour. Tech4Food supplied process engineering including water handling/dissolution, syrup preparation, pasteurization and a CIP system.



Tech4Food provided consulting and project management for the installation  of new processing lines for evaporated milk, tomato paste and other products.