• Folgers consolidated their coffee operations from Kansas City, KS and Sherman, TX to New Orleans, LA to defray shipping costs.

Project Highlights

  • This project was a consolidation and included the relocation and installation of 12 coffee roasters, 4 packaging lines and blending and grinding equipment from their Kansas City facility as well as coffee silos from a facility in Sherman, TX.
  • Areas of the existing facility were renovated to create a new plant entrance, amenities and better GMP controlled access to the operation.
  • An existing section of the facility was removed and a 140 foot tall 50,000 square foot processing tower was constructed.
  • This project included the addition of utility infrastructure (aspiration, compressed air, tower water, chilled water, and fire quenching systems), as well as a separate flavor storage building with automated delivery and cleaning systems to support the production lines.
  • Construction and installation was executed without impact to the plant’s existing operation, and the shutdown, relocation and startup of assets from the Kansas City facility was completed without impact to the supply of product to customers.



From reducing mechanical movement of the product to mitigating fire risk to handling emissions, coffee producers face unique processing challenges. Our work with top coffee producers such as Starbucks and Folgers has given us the expertise and background necessary to assist in all aspects of your operation.

A sampling of experience:

  • Coffee extraction
  • Liquid coffee concentrate processing
  • Spray drying
  • Continuous roasting
  • Thermal & catalytic oxidizing
  • Coffee blending
  • Coffee flavoring
  • Small and large batch roasters
  • Hot chaff collection and processing
  • Briquetting systems
  • Milling
  • Packaging in a variety of formats including single serve pouches, stand-up packages, vacuum sealed packages, resealable packages, specialty packages, modified atmosphere
  • Material handling
    • Dilute phase and dense phase conveying of ground and whole bean coffees
    • Green coffee cleaning and conveying