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All Disciplines Under One Roof.

Packaging solutions are as varied as the products on a supermarket shelf, and they’re always evolving. You need a system integrator who has worked with it all. From baked to frozen/refrigerated, liquid to powder/dried, fresh to shelf-stable – we’ve handled, filled, and packaged every major category of food over the past 30+ years.

But we don’t just have packaging engineers. Our in-house team includes everything necessary for turnkey execution: building, process, mechanical, electrical, controls and automation, construction, and CQV. And with our three decades of food-specific experience, we weave sanitary design into best practices for each discipline, so we can help mitigate food safety risks from the beginning.


Simulation & Emulation Modeling

To plan a new production line or modify an existing one, you must first answer many questions: What will this line produce? How fast will it run? What line efficiency can I expect? How will this equipment fit within my space? What happens to the line during backup condition and how long will it take to recover? Where should buffers be placed to be most effective? What happens if I introduce a new product on an existing line? All these questions and more can be addressed using various modeling tools.

Emulation modeling allows you to connect the PLC tags to the HMI and see real-time results in the model. Test SKUs and formats, train operators, and complete a Factory Acceptance Test for the controls systems all prior to installation. Answering your questions proactively with modeling and reducing start-up time can give you more capacity, faster.

Modeling Demos

Automation & Controls

Dennis Group has a full-service in-house controls group for the design, programming, and commissioning of process and packaging systems. We are a Certified Rockwell Automation System Integrator and hold certifications with ACP Thin Manager and VMWare.

If you're looking to adopt a more integrated process controls platform to unify recipe management, engine interface, operator interface, and reporting functions, we can help.

+ Control System Electrical Design
+ Control Panel Design and Fabrication
+ Network and Control System
+ Architecture Development
+ PLC and PC Based Controls
+ Functional Specifications Development
+ Instrumentation and Field Device Specification
+ HMI and SCADA Systems
+ Server Virtualization

+ Recipe Management
+ Batch Execution
+ Data Collection/Reporting/Downtime
+ Tracking
+ Line Integration including PackML
+ Vendor Coordination
+ Emulation / Controls FAT
+ CQV and Start-Up
+ Operator Training