Dust mitigation, waste minimization, temperature and humidity control and maintaining consistent dough quality throughout different seasons are just some of the inherent challenges involved in pizza production. We have worked in every unit operation from bakery ingredient systems through palletizing and can anticipate and design for these nuances.

Dennis Group has executed a variety of fresh, frozen and bagel-based pizza production lines both in the United States and Europe used to produce whole and sliced pizza as well as calzones, stromboli and stuffed breadsticks.

Our work has included:

  • Pizza crust production (hot press, cold press, sheeted dough, artisan products)
  • Product Assembly (rounds, rectangular, slices, stuffed crust, calzones, stuffed breadsticks, stromboli)
  • Conveyor system design
  • Automated ingredient handling and topping systems
  • Spiral freezers (mechanical and cryogenic)
  • Automation and controls
  • Automated packaging (including modified atmosphere) systems – accumulation, wrapping, cartoning, casepacking and palletizing
  • OEE improvement and system modeling