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What does Dennis Group do?

We design and build food and beverage plants.

Our projects range in scale from preliminary project definition studies to massive greenfields hundreds of thousands of square feet in size.

We can design the entirety of a food production plant’s inner workings.

While our engineers focus on the guts of the building and the processes running inside it, our architects and designers make sure our clients’ employees have a sanitary space to work in.

Because we offer such a wide range of services in a niche market and are in such high demand, we are always looking to add new talent and enthusiasm to our team.

What disciplines do you have in-house?

Along with Architects and Designers, we have every engineering discipline needed to design and build food plants, including:

  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Environmental
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing/Utilities/Refrigeration
  • Industrial
  • Packaging
  • Process
  • Automation/Controls
What positions are you looking to fill?

The simple answer is that we are always looking for talented engineers, architects, and designers to join our team. If you’re looking for something specific, you can search current open positions here.

Are you looking for co-ops/interns?

DG offers co-op placement and internships year-round in nearly every department. Co-ops and internships are paid and open to college-level students with interest or experience in our various disciplines. Check our open listings to submit your resume.

Do you sponsor international students?

We do not generally sponsor international students for entry level positions. However, if you are an international student eligible to work in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, or the European Union, please check our open positions here.

What’s a typical day like?

What your day looks like depends on your discipline and the office you join.

It might be spent at your desk after a team meeting, nailing down details...or you might be at a job site, working directly with the client or with the construction crew and vendors.

It could mean a day at a tradeshow, talking shop with potential clients and learning about new or upcoming industry trends.

Every day is a little different at DG...and that's why we like it!

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See what our employees are saying:

In the year I've worked with DG, I've learned or tried something new just about every week. I love knowing my work has an impact on the company. It's exciting to watch us grow! 


It's a great group of people. I especially appreciate being able to collaborate with people from all different disciplines.

I came here right out of college and have enjoyed being here ever since!

Everyone here is passionate about their work. That's why I stayed at DG after my internship here.

Meet DG: Dan

Civil Engineer, 25

So, Dan: what brought you here?

Engineering has been a passion of mine since I was a little kid. From fixing my father’s cameras to installing TV mounts, I never gave up until I knew how it worked and how to fix it. So when the opportunity presented itself, I had no trouble accepting a position that merged two of my passions - food and engineering - perfectly!

What did you like about DG?

DG has a good reputation. We've been the #1 food and beverage design for the last four years in a row! I enjoyed the interview process. Everyone was friendly and passionate about the work they're doing. 

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